"That doesn’t mean your design team isn’t always right, or deserves unchecked power. A company needs balance across all disciplines. But the reality of software development today is we put design on a pedestal right up until the moment it threatens to affect our deadline. Then design turns into an unaffordable and unreasonable luxury, the word “MVP” starts getting used a lot, and product engineering hustles a half-baked product out the door and high fives themselves for shipping."

Design Courage — Medium

Yikes. What does courage mean in product design?

Also: “When you care more about releasing before the holiday season than the quality of your product, that’s a lack of courage. When you push out a low quality release just because it’s gut-wrenching to throw away a year of bad code, that’s a lack of courage. When you don’t have a head of design with just as much veto power as a head of engineering, that’s a lack of courage.”




Built on Firefox OS, the Matchstick is free software and open source hardware — anything in your Firefox browser-window can be “flinged” into your HDMI TV; it’s an incredible $12 for one stick.

Caveat, this is not from the Mozilla Foundation; it’s from a…

I’m getting two, and I am going to try to make a webRTC + smartphone-as-mic karaoke machine with it.

"The best technical approach for Twitter abuse I’ve heard of is Ella Saitta’s suggestion of subscribe-able block lists, which could be very like normal lists, but which would make sure you never see the sort of people your friends block. Trolls could shout all they wanted; no one of relevance would be able to see them. It would be a way to never manage to wander into the wrong neighborhood."

Context Collapse, Architecture, and Plows — Medium

On how to deal with trolls. Subscribe-able block lists. Man, I wonder if “blocking” can be done through the twitter api …

(The whole thing is great, but this immediately triggered my “let’s build shit” sense.)



This is also a scientific fact but, so what? It is simply not a reason to continue emitting high levels  CO2, methane, etc. Here is an analogy. Being hit by a car has a larger impact on your health than smoking. There is a chance that you will get hit by a car. Does that mean you should smoke? Of course not. There are some things you control and others you don’t. The ones you don’t include ones with far bigger impact. That’s *always* true for individuals, companies and societies. We generally accept that this is not a reason to be complacent.


"My primary concern is to help the members of my team do their most impactful work. This is not the same as their best work. Over time I am seeing that these are greatly different, and I think the open source world is almost built on “best” over “impactful”, so this prioritization is important and somewhat contrary."

Professional Transitions (or: the shutting down of Mozilla Labs)

The whole thing is great, but this particular bit about principles Ian is learning about managing people hits hard.

"Entrepreneurship is three things: a set of business skills, a set of political skills, and a stash of hoarded unfair advantages, held in reserve for the right opportunity. When the latter two vanish, it becomes merely a teachable generalist skill, rather than a cultivated talent for successful risk-taking."

Entrepreneurs are the New Labor: Part II

In the middle of a binge read. The whole thing is fascinating.



One of the ways I love to measure success of your role at a company isn’t by counting the number of projects launched, or evaluating the number of targets reached. It’s by counting the number of people who want to work with you again.

Kind of like how the best way of dating a good partner is being a good partner.


Dear FCC, Keep the internet free and fair to all! by DigitalPressCreation (25.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1twkk8Z


Dear FCC, Keep the internet free and fair to all! by DigitalPressCreation (25.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1twkk8Z


Reaper as Prioritizer

On day not unlike today, not too far in the future, I’ll run out of tomorrows.

But that day is not today, and I’ve still got hope of tomorrows.

Given all this, and a stash of potential tomorrows, what shall I do today?




I received this nastygram by email today from Scott Brown’s campaign manager — cc-ing my boss, the provost and president.

I take it Mr. Reed’s outrage is triggered by the Senate’s regulations of what constitutes being a “lobbyist” for purposes of the Senate rules. I hadn’t received the memo…

Love it. “Go ahead. Make my day.”